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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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about mr. nsnuka's arrest and want to thank them for their patients during the time this case was investigate by the grand jury. >> reporter: camden county rest tenth known as jimmy super fly snuka is now 72 and is in failing health. he he is less ted as a superstar on the world wrestling entertainment web site. police say since 1983, snuka has changed his story repeatedly. prosecutors believe following a nearby show that night, an argument led to snuka assaulting her and withholding medical care causing her death. another compelling new piece of evidence for the grand jury, snuka's own 2012 autobiography. >> present. cited efforts of the the autobiography which he talk about his frequent use of alcohol, steroid, cocaine and in 1938 my personal life started to get a little crazy closed quote. >> reporter: in a statement the company formerly known as wwf said that the wwe expresses its continued sympathy to the argentina
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family for their loss. ultimately this legal matter will be decided by our judicial system. we're told that snuka has turned himself in and posted bail. i asked the district attorney if this case will be more difficult to prosecute given time that lapsed since the crime. while they are confident, it certainly will be some of the witnesses memories will be questioned, and some of those wrestlers that may have been called in as witnesses have been since passed away. reporting live, in lehigh county alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". first day of september feels, well, lot like august as we hit our fifth heat wave of the year, on the parkway people are sweating it the out as temperatures soared above 90 once again. they are busy setting upstage for made in the america concert. question now is just how long do they have the heat stick around. meteorologist justin drabick is in for kate live on the die deck with more, justin. >> reporter: a lot have heat and hazy conditions out here
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across center city just indication of that very warm air mass. it sit around for another couple days. as you mentioned we have our fifth heat wave, of the season, this is day number three, we will go back to sunday when we hit 91 yesterday, 90 today, 94 for the the high temperature today and we're not done just yet. wednesday, thursday, also we are to be reaching the the low potentially even mid 90's for afternoon temperatures. so we are just getting used to the heat and humidity that we will be dealing w again, currently, our temperatures ranging from the low to mid 90's, 89, cooler in the lehigh rally, mid 80's along the the shore. we have a nice breeze off the ocean. coastal temperatures south east wind 79 in ocean city, mid 80's in cape may and parts of the delaware as well. what it feels likely to mid 90's, feel like 96 in millville. we will talk about the heat last for the the upcoming holiday weekend when i show new a few more minutes, back to you. >> justin, thank you. forgiving abortion, in his latest head line making
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statement pope francis says he what i will how priest to ab solve women who have had an abortion during the the the catholic church holy year of mercy. cbs news correspondent ana metranga has latest from rome. >> reporter: pope francis is making it easier for women to receive forgiveness for having abortionness a letter released by the vatican, the pope decried that during confession priests around the world can forgive the the sin of abortion, throughout the upcoming year of mercy. the pope says that he has met many women bearing the scar of their agonizing decision. father anthony figueroa says francis is trying to make the church, more compassionate. >> the gift to every person and gift to every person who has suffered in this way, a blessing. >> reporter: here at the vatican, church officials say that the pope's merciful approach in no way condones abortion nor changes church teaching. church considers a abortion a sin so grave that women who have them are automatically
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ex-communicated banning them from sacraments including marriage, communion and confession. at st. patrick's cathedral in new york some catholics seemed to welcome the change. >> obviously it is first step, of course, for one year, i think eventually it will be a forever. >> it is very progressive. it warms my heart that, you know, he can be forgiven. >> reporter: experts say that forgiveness is a strong theme for pope francis and had god is always ready to forgive. in rome, ana metranga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". pope's statements sparking reaction from the catholic community here in our area. >> the catholic religion, and beliefs, and all but it is also the catholic way, christian way to forgive. >> forgiveness for everybody, i am for it. >> coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will take a look at what today's comment mean from local catholics. we will hear from the local
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priest as well as parishioners. a new event is being added to the upcoming world meeting of families, the international mayor's forum will bring leaders all over the world together to discuss strengthening the family through public policy. the mayor nutter responded to a washington post article criticizing philadelphia's preparation to the visits. >> you have that information you will write store that is go along a certain story line based on bad information. i think many of you, in your industry are now coming to the realization that at the moment, as all of the information is out, things are no where near, you know, doom and gloom had been reported or printed before. >> mayor also added that philadelphia will shine, on the world stage, during the papal visit. we're now just 25 days from the arrival of pope francis in philadelphia stay with "eyewitness news" as we count down to the papal visit. charges are filed after decomposing bodies are found inside an unlicensed west philadelphia a funeral home.
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blair hawkins, the funeral director at hawkins funeral home has been charged with three counts of abuse of the corpse. yesterday authorities found the decomposing bodies at the funeral home located at 53rd and vine. manhunt is underway in northern illinois after a copies shot dead while investigating suspicious activity. one suspect is now in custody but police are using helicopters and dogs to search for other two men allegedly involved. officer who has not been publicly identified radio todd dispatchers that he was chasing the men, when back autopsy arrived, the officer had had been shot and stripped of his gun and other equipment. family and friend gathered to say good bye to television news cameraman addard ward. ward anal son parker were shot on live television. hundreds attended adam ward's funeral this morning in roanoke, virginia. ward and parker were killed by a former co-worker last wednesday. funeral plans for allison parker have yet to be announce. american red cross, philadelphia fire department, a and peco, are all teaming up
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to eliminate fire-related deaths within the city of philadelphia. since there is no more fire deaths campaign lawn inched july the partnership has installed almost 2,000 working smoke alarms in high risk neighborhood and education people, about the dangers of home fires. their mission toys make sure that everyone makes it out of the fire safely. >> you don't have to lose a single life, and that is our goal, our goal, it is to end fire fatalities, in the city of philadelphia. it is a doable goal. >> after today's event fire fighters went door to door installing smoke alarms in area homes free of charge. thousands are expected to attend the annual atlantic city air show in new jersey tomorrow, after a series of tragic incidents involving pilots and spectators at recent air shows. coastguard is working to ensure everyone's safety. new jersey reporter cleve bryan is on the ground, right now with more details for you, cleve. >> reporter: ukee, tomorrow these beaches will be pack because thinks the biggest
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event in atlantic city every year. of course, no one wants to see an accident, so today i spoke with the event organizers about that, perfect relationship, between safety and entertainment. soaring, twisting, and lining up in formation the the blue angels gave quite the preview for wednesday's thunder over the boardwalk air show. >> it is loud but amazing when you can see things they are doing and how fast they are moving. >> i'm looking forward to their spinning. and how high they will go. >> reporter: there will be plenty to is he wednesday but unfortunately highest and most spiny performers won't be here. pilot andrew wright was unveil a record spinning feat in atlantic city but died in new york state while practicing for another show. >> andrew is a dear friend of mine and he was exited to come out the here and not only attempt the, world record for inverted flat spins but showcase his flying talents. it is a deep loss for the air show community.
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>> reporter: david schultz is the air boss and coordinating air shows for 21 years. he says key to pilot safety is practice and keeping meticulous maintenance logs to retuesday risk of mechanical failure. since this show takes place over the ocean there are dive teams in position in case of the emergency. as for spectator safety there is no boat zone where demonstrations happens and tricks will not be performed over the crowds. >> those are rules that the faa and have come to manage and very successful in not having a single expect taiter fatality in the united states since 1951. >> since the show draws half million people, the greatest safety is traffic. >> we think a lot about trappings patterns, it is like any big event, listen to the people, and it will go better for everyone. >> reporter: that safety tips are make sure you bring something to drink and look for parking well in advance. as for the the recent deaths, there will be a tribute tomorrow for andrew wright as well as corry hood who was a
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parachute jumper with the army golden knights that passed away several weeks ago at an air show he in chicago. reporting live from atlantic city, clear brian, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> wishing for a safe event, cleve, thanks very much. another stock market slide ... the roller coaster ride continued today spurred by growing growth in chine, stocks up a and down and they never recovered. dow jones slipped 470 points, nasdaq fell 140, and the s and p dove more than 58 points. well, major change just announced for mcdonald's menu, thinks one people have been asking for, for years. plus, three marines leave philadelphia on a epic walk, hear their motivation for this special journey. two new jersey dads duke it the out at a softball tournament for their daughters and now they have learn their punishment for bloody brawl. driving isn't cheap, we will let you know which local
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states rank among the worst states for drivers and we will give you easy ways to cut your cost.
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two new jersey, avoid jail time, and cell even if video of the fist fight from july went veial. mays landing native michael john duffy and michael barbella both pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. they were event isens todd a year probation and find $100. two young children are in critical condition, tonight, after being hit by a car in ocean county. chopper three over route nine in lakewood last night where a one and four year-old were crossing street with their mother. the mother is now in stable condition but her children are still critical with serious head injuries. this is the the closer look at the scene from the lakewood scope and you can see stroller there on the ground. the driver in this crash a man from toms river, did remain at the the scene. and, how children should be buckled up. and governor christie signed a legislation in may but what does to you. from birth to age two, a child
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under 30-pound, must be in a rear facing car seat with a five-point harness. for four to eight children must stay in the car seat or a booster seat in the back seat until they are at least eight years old or 57 inches tall. fines are going up ranging from 50 to $75. let's face it, driving isn't exactly cheap, and some states it is more costly then others, in terms of both your time and money. >> survey ranks the states with the most favorable and least favorable financial conditions for drivers, and three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan looked at the numbers. >> that is right, if you live in new jersey and delaware you made the top ten list, sorry, ukee. problem is you don't want to be on that list. the list for worst stays for drivers. drivers with traffic placed commutes, in and around big cities tend to spend more money overall, behind the wheel. that is according to new rankings by bank rate which
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analyzed each states numbers for average commute time, gasoline spending, repair costs, insurance premiums, fatal crashes, and car thefts. in our region, new jersey and delaware made the list of worst states for drivers. new jersey ranked number five, and it is particularly bad in three categories having the second longest average commute, the second highest repair costs and the second highest insurance premiums the nation. delaware, ranked number six wasn't much better, repair costness delaware are highest in the country and high insurance premiums don't help either. pennsylvania ranked in the middle of 24th helped by low theft rate and below average gas expenses to curb some costs, bank rate's chris kahn recommend costs within their control. >> call your insurance carrier to find out what you can do to lower your premium. it might be as easy to raise your deductible. you can lower by just parking your car inside your house if
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you have a garage instead of putting it on the street. there are simple things you can do. >> looking at bright side things could be worse, louisiana took top spot for worst states for drivers and while idaho was rang for best place for drivers in the country, would you really want to move to idaho. >> it is pretty. >> nice place to visit. >> i was crossing and someone tried to run me over and i had the green light. >> was that you, i'm sorry. >> stop running people over. >> thank you, jim. >> park in the parking lot. >> get ready for a menu make over at mcdonald's, fast food chain just announced this afternoon it will start offering all day breakfast at its restaurants next month. yeah. the the goal, to kick start slumping sales and get egg mcmuffin and other breakfast items all day long, that starts october 6th. here we go again, another, heat wave, number five, right j.d. >> that is right five and this is an extended one, five day heat wave as well because here
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we are three weeks way from the start of the fall season september 23rd so not uncommon that temperatures in the low to mid 90's but august was a hot and dry month and that is how things are shaping up for start of september. recapping august over 2-inch's above average when you average all of the temperatures with the highs and lows but look at the rainfall only .98 inches at the airport. that is two and a half inches below average. we can use rain, there is dry lawns out there, high temperature is 94. we did make it to 63 at one point. you may wonder about september, it is starting off warm but here is outlook as far as temperatures off we are in the above zone here so expect the above average temperatures to continue, as we, head into the fall season. hot 94 degrees. that is current air temperature not factoring in the humidity. eighty-nine trenton. eighty-nine al-zawahiri even town. little relief down the shore. we have a lot of heat over washington d.c. even up into new england we are dealing with upper 80's in upstate new york, even southern new england.
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it is interesting to go talk about the wind right now. philadelphia on northward more northerly breeze. that is a dryer win. in south jersey we have a breeze off the ocean. the that is where you'll find humidity just south of the city. that is reflected in the dew point temperatures. higher the number more humid it is. philadelphia northward, but that is tropical air, in south jersey and delaware. you are really feeling humidity just south of the city. still quiet on storm scan three, high pressure over us right now. may run in the straight shower or thunderstorm. we were seeing one across extreme southern delaware and sussex county. everybody else is try right now. high pressure over mid-atlantic, shifts off shore for wednesday, mid 90's. we will continue to heat around once gannon thursday and then watch what happens this front moves on the the front of the north friday, this will knock temperatures back and could bring a stray shower or thunderstorm friday afternoon. then we will clear out for labor day weekend. this is what is left of the tropical storm fred. wind at the 50 miles an hour, past cape verde island heading
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to the central atlantic and will continue to weaken and move back in the tropical depression status. back home again through tonight looking good, a few fair weather clouds, tomorrow mostly sunny skies, there could be a spotty shower south of the city when we run in the humidity to thursday we will go same deal partly sunny skies. mostly clear, mostly muggy, 73. tomorrow another hot, humid day and 94 degrees. good ten or 12 degrees above average. shore forecast great beach day. mostly sunny. eighty-seven. low wrist are being for rip currents. here's your three day forecast, mid 90's, wednesday and thursday, we will get rid of the 90's, and could be a shower or storm. we will have more on the labor day weekend forecast in a few more minutes as well a lot of peoples eyes toward that. >> thanks, justin. well, are you worried about getting into center city when the pope comes to town. >> we will let you know about the new plans to get across delaware river that does in the involve walking ben franklin bridge. it is one direction invasion when harry styles
5:21 pm
dropped by a villanova pizza shop, hear what the witness said about the heart throb's surprise stop, leslie. phillies have ten in a row begins the met, they will try to end that tonight and more on the bird plans for thursday night including health of kiko alonzo and starting quarterback in the meadow land, coming up in sports,
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will tim tebow make the eagles roster. he has one last chance to impress. >> leslie is here. you have spend sometime with him. >> yes, i think a lot of people would like to know, is he on, off, final practice round. bird to have get their roster down to 75 players by 4:00 this afternoon. team released, sketch, and waved emmanuel ac ho and placed corry shepherd on injured reserve. kiko alonzo told reporters he will play on thursday. he did say that last week as well. he is none in committal but does not think tendonitis issue was a big deal.
5:25 pm
josh hoff is also expected to play. he missed the green bay game due to the death in the family and matt barclay will start this game and no confirm nation how he will split time with tim tebow. >> he will start the game but who starts and who finishes in preseason games, i don't think that is important. we just want to get reps. we have not talk about how we will exactly distribute the ball. >> phillies, ten straight to the mets, another chance to snap that streak tonight at city field, at 7:10 start. aaron harang on the mound, phillies lost three-one last night. >> it will happen, sooner or later, it will happen. >> thanks, leslie. coming up next, three marines, leave philadelphia on a epic journey. >> just a quick way for us to get out and clear our heads for a couple days. >> the message very much spreading on their special walk to new york city. plus... >> by authority... unaudible. >> a clerk takes a stand
5:26 pm
against same sex marriage and ignites a controversy by defying an order from the supreme court, what is next for her and after she refused to issue a marriage license to the same sex couple. and thrown from the moving car and left to die but now, this doggies looking for a new home, we will have her story tonight at 6:00.
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i'm ukee washington and here are the top stories. former wrestling superstar jimmy super fly snuka now faces possibility jail time after he was arrest federal for decade old crime in lehigh county. and he put his girl friend in the hotel room 32 years ago. pope francis will allow priest to forgive woman who have had abortions. pope decried that priests can ab solve women of the catholic during upcoming year of mercy.
5:30 pm
police in, missouri are searching for two men believed to be killing a responsible. police were shot while chasing a group of men on foot. fbi is now involved in the manhunt. justin (. we have a hot and humid forecast leading up to the labor day weekend, and, and rain chances. and we will have details on the forecast, and show you in the next seven days in a few minutes. every journey starts with a single, step and this morning a very long walk started with both feet and paws hitting the pavement. >> three retired marines are walking 100 miles from philadelphia to new york city which their service dogs, to raise awareness of ptsd an honor to fallen friend. cbs-3 anchor erika von tiehl introduces us to the men now well into a journey of a lifetime. >> i don't know where i would be without him. >> reporter: many of us have best friend but few can say, has had a big impact that
5:31 pm
gunner has haddon andrew einstein. purple heart recipient returned home after serving in the marine core with post traumatic stress disorder. >> when i got back, things were rough, him coming in my life, they change drastically. he has allowed me to do things i never thought i would do again. >> reporter: now a police officer in west hampton township, new jersey he wants to raise awareness for ptsd and honor to brother marines killed in action. he is teaming up with retired sergeant, devon richeo and steven ward with their service dogs, together they are setting out on a hundred mile hike from the liberty bell, to the freedom tower in new york city. >> if we can help one veteran, one family, that is all we can do. >> reporter: they are planning on walking 12 miles a day, arriving in time to take part in 9/11 remembrance ceremonies. >> take a look is reason why we're at here today. i necessity for me it is definitely the reason why i'm a marine and firemen. >> reporter: long trek started early with fullback packs foreman and dog.
5:32 pm
>> it is hard on us but a lot on the dogs too. >> reporter: journey of remembrance and recovery, made easier with a little help from a best friend. they will be staying in thetive rent firehouse each night to rest, weary paws, and share stories of why they are taking what they have dubbed the long walk. erika von tiehl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> see them on the road, give them a solute. brotherhood. >> that is wonderful. god bless them. >> way to go, guys. a lot of people in new jersey are worried about getting in the city when pope francis comes to town especially with the ben franklin bridge shutting down. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao looks in the new option to get from camden to philadelphia. >> reporter: the peace of penns landing in philadelphia, and quiet of the camden waterfront across the river is about to change. river link perry that travels, and now preparing to shuttle thousands office people across the delaware river, pilgrims forced to find another way into philadelphia, once ben
5:33 pm
franklin bridge close toss vehicular traffic for the pope 's visit. >> it is a very lovely way to see the city and to approach the city. >> reporter: river link ferry is latest travel option detailed for francis visit by end of the month. service will run from friday september 25th through monday the 28th. >> we have a very long extended hours on saturday and sunday to accommodate visitors who might be coming from new jersey, over to philadelphia, and then back again. >> reporter: the trip across only takes about ten minutes and ticket are now for sale on line. they cost $7 a piece and for saturday and sunday travel you must buy two tickets. one for specific departure time from camden and second for a return time from philadelphia. but once you land in philly the delaware river waterfront corporation promises lots to do. >> at penns landing you can stop off for a quick bite or drink at spruce river park or blue cross river rink and head on, great way to get across the river. very good alternative to the public transit. also to walking over ben
5:34 pm
franklin bridge. >> reporter: to find out how to purchase tickets as well as full run down of departure times we have a link at cbs organizers want to remind follow thanks parking will be extremely limited so might want to be dropped off here at the dock and you want to arrive an hour earlier so you don't miss your ferry trip across the river. the reporting from camden, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". city is starting to roll out welcome mat for pope francis. thinks one of two new billboard on highways around town ahead of the pope's visit. other says great cities attract great leaders. visit philadelphia is putting up those billboards. supporters are now just one vote shy of the 34 senate votes needed to keep the iran nuclear deal arrive. delaware senator chris coons bee came 33rd senator to back the deal. >> i commit to help lead effective enforcement of this agreement and engagement to address the broader security concerns that iran posts, to the united states, israel and
5:35 pm
other allies. >> senator coons also said he has concerns about the deal but that he feels it the is better than the status quo. earlier today senator bob casey of pennsylvania a announced his support of the iran nuclear deal. casey a democrat called it one of the most difficult decisions of his public career. a kentucky county clerk who refuses to issue same sex marriage licenses despite a ruling from the u.s. supreme court is now being called to a federal hearing thursday. defiant clerk was caught on camera refusing to budge. >> unaudible. >> why are you not issuing marriage licenses to day. under what authority are you not issuing licenses. >> kim davis says she will not go against her christian belief, david moore more and david, were denied a license this morning and iters fourth time davis has turned them away. >> it is not beliefs anymore. would i never i am powe my
5:36 pm
belief on somebody else's rights. >> davis could face jail time for refusing to comply with the law, as she says she's aware of the consequences. police and fire fighters in rhode island are investigating a building collapse on the college campus. authorities say that six people fell about 30 feet and were underneath a structure when rescue crew as arrived. all are expect to survive. spokesperson for the college said that the collapse happened an indoor practice facility that is usually filled with athletes. still to come on "eyewitness news", amazon makes some changes to its popular free shipping offer. also, we all feel like we need more sleep, well how a lack of sleep can make you sick. vittoria? >> reporter: we are live from lincoln financial field and it is a big night, you can say hashtag epic. we have some directioners behind me, and that is right, it is the one direction concert, five, six, seven, eight. >> ♪ dance all night >> stay with us.
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good intentions. is paved with mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran.
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whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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prime is cutting back on free two day shipping which was previously offered on most items will be replaced by a program called shop by region. this will allow merchants to decide how far their items will ship. amazon said prime items shipped directly from the company's warehouse and those items will be affect. time to check your philadelphia jobs market report and here's cbs news, business analyst jill schlesinger. >> reporter: stay at home parents rejoining the work force, need to take essential steps to help them land a job. start by working your network. contact former co-workers and supervisors who know you and the quality of your work. in updating your resume and link in profile highlight activity that you have done while at a home, like blocking, leading organizations, or
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stephen colbert is adding more star power. we have learned that vice-president joe biden will stop by on colbert's third she next thursday night, who knows, maybe the vice-president will announce he is running for president. colbert takes over the late
5:45 pm
show in just seven days. the don't miss it, next tuesday night for cbs-3. within boy band takes quite a buzz after stopping by a local pizzeria for now. harry styles of one direction, grabbing some grub at campus corner a popular pizza shop on villanova's campus . singer graciously posed with fans before walking away with just a few cheese steaks. the pizza a shop posted styles receipt on twitter totaling around, three to five. and does like fried onions. and waitress said, fans are flooding the shop. >> girls are coming from all over. we're getting phone calls. text message. and, just asking, harry styles there. >> three hours later, harry there, like he was there. girls were coming in crying. they were hugging me.
5:46 pm
>> four hours, and, harry styles, and only person to stop by, will smith, vice towed that same shop a couple years ago. he is in town, because, at lincoln financial field. >> young girls are very excited for tonight's show. i think you are too. >> i am, i don't think excited actually does what the feeling is here. it doesn't do it the justice. we are pumped to be here at lincoln financial field for one direction concert. i just found out that the fan basis called directioners. so, i have a whole group of directioners here. they have signs, outfit, take a look at these outfits. i have to say that harry's hair is worth more than a diesel truck. i was googling hard your all day and developed a little crush but that is beside the point. what we will do is have a face off. team harry, step up to the plate. we will do trivia and then we will do team zane.
5:47 pm
he is in longer in one direction but he is always watching. >> we always love him and always will support him. >> we love you, zane. >> we will put ten seconds on the clock and shoot-out trivia. we will do your first. what is your name and where are you from. >> lindsey, from south jersey. >> ready, ten seconds on the clock, jones, here we go. name five members of the one direction. >> louie lie am, harry, niles. >> great. lie am's middle name is. >> jake. >> lewis's middle name is. >> louie. >> louie. >> william. >> and, zane was born when. >> january 12th. >> who is the oldest member of the one direction. >> louie. >> time up. how many did she get she got at least six correct. six correct. is what your name and where are you from. >> guy an a from philadelphia. >> are you ready. >> yes. >> are you nervous. >> a little bit. >> i think you got this. >> harry can speak what language. >> french.
5:48 pm
>> nope. >> that is all right we will take it. >> help from the team. >> we are all friend here. >> louie has how many sisters four. >> louie got suspended from school and had to retake what year. >> all right, all right, all right. >> well, everyone is a winner here because we all love one direction. i will give you t-shirts anyway. nice work. i kind of gipped her. >> and we should sing it out again. >> ♪ we danced all night to the best song ever ♪ >> i don't know all of the word. >> they do, don't worry. >> i don't know the song either but it is catching. >> way to go, guys. >> we got it going on. >> and those are tricky questions. >> that is pressure. >> high pressure.
5:49 pm
>> it is warm out there to be dancing in the sun. >> they are ready. >> jumping around. >> it will be a hot, sweaty forecast coming up next few days. labor day weekend we have changes to talk b i'll show you that in the seven day forecast. maybe you are getting ready for the holiday weekend. looking live at ocean city people in the what the they are hour. that ocean is comfortable in the mid 70's, nice little waves rolling in. i would do anything to be out there on the long board right now, nice clean conditions in ocean city. beautiful shot there people enjoy a nice finish to the day. and more nice weather down the shore, for the rest of the week. lets talk about our weather watchers. see is what happening in the neighborhoods across the delaware valley. very warm current numbers, still looking at mid 90's, reported from some of our weather watchers. lets check out high temperatures across the the region. here we go hatfield jeff moore had a high of 90 degrees. one of the cooler spots. jerry coming in at 96 degrees this afternoon. down in delaware, middletown,
5:50 pm
jason getting in on that heat at 94. eighty-nine in perkasie. mid 90's clementon new jersey. list goes on, south jersey, cherry hill, coming in at 90-degree. marshallton delaware lower 90's. similar numbers. that is trend, low to mid 90's. pennsylvania, delaware, or in new jersey. in philadelphia it was a hot day to day. we hit a a high of 95 degrees, officially at philadelphia international airport. how about that. with a hottest temperature for month of august was 94 but this ties the hottest day of 205 pretty impressive. and, 100 degrees. here are the actual numbers upper 80's in the cool spots. ninety-four at the airport in philadelphia. how will it feel another the next few days. when you factor in the heat and humidity, and also steamy on thursday, we will start to feel difference on friday, knocking humidity levels down a little bit and saturday in the labor day weekend we will
5:51 pm
feel pleasant with the change in the air math. storm scan three pretty quiet, extreme southern delaware high pressure, it blocks any major storms from developing and locks in the heat and humidity. pretty impressive in the pacific ocean. three named storms still, strong storms, category three her kane jimena and they are tracking north and west. hawaii island are spared. we will see rough surf there could abe fourth named storm in the pacific to become kevin over next day or two. that is typical with el nino conditions. we will see active pacific ocean, hurricane season and less ago i have atlantic. one storm right now, not much happening through overnight hours, cloud around, tomorrow, mostly sun and clouds, stray showers in some spots. repeat day on thursday as well, hot and humid. we have a little cool there, lots of sunshine, wednesday, thursday, possible thunderstorm on friday. again tonight warm and muggy. 37 degrees for center city, cooler in the suburbs.
5:52 pm
wednesday forecast, mostly sunny, hot and humid, 94 degrees. let's check out that labor day forecast. bring barbecues n looking g here's the the extended forecast, again mid 90's coming our way for wednesday and thursday, and then temperatures were dropping back starting friday through labor day we're talking about mid to upper 80's with the nice dry stretch of weather. back over to you guys. >> all right, justin. on the healthwatch, not getting enough sleep can make you sick and there is new research on. that it is also time of the year to get kids back into their school year sleep patterns. >> health reporter stephanie stahl joins with us more on the importance of sleep. >> we know about this one don't we. >> we do. >> first of all, we want to tell you new research that shows getting less than six hours of sleep a night makes you four to five times more susceptible to catching a cold. also, summer is almost over so it is time to head back to school and get students on a more regular sleep schedule.
5:53 pm
lauren and her sister enjoy summertime playing, and not having a strict sleep schedule. >> i think, staying up for about ten, 10:30 and sleeping until 9:30. >> reporter: doctors a say thinks a tough transition time for students getting back to a school year sleep schedule. >> they need enough sleep so they can concentrate so they can learn, so that they can cooperate with their teachers, and if they are tired all the time then none of those things will go very well for them. >> reporter: girls mommies a season's pro in getting back to the regular sleep routine. >> key is healthy snacks, patients, takes a couple of weeks and then they will be all right but yes it will be a bumpy start. >> reporter: doctors say parents should get back to a routine about a week before school starts. >> you cannot really ever make anybody go to sleep, but you can wake them up earlier and earlier. >> also today the academy of sleep medicine released a new study that shows daylight savings time which happens in
5:54 pm
march caused teenagers, causes teenagers to lose about a half an hour of sleep a night which can hurt cognitive functioning, more sleep research today. recommendation for high school students they need to get nine hours of sleep a night. >> that ace a lot. >> that is why they sleep in so late too. >> that is right. >> i cannot remember last time i got nine hours. >> no. >> thanks, stephanie, appreciate blanch mmm yoplait! it's snack time! oh, look! yoplait original now has 25% less sugar. time to taste it. how is it? it tastes good! congratulations yoplait! you did it!
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meet opie a stray bullet went true a window, and in his york county home. it went through couch, through opie and then ricocheted around the room coming to rest
5:58 pm
just inches from a toddler. when his owner, and, putting him down. and, wanted to keep him, here. >> and what you will do, and, saved your son's life. and, muscle damage is serious but he is expected to be okay. opie. >> that is great. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a wrestling legend charged with third degree murder in the case that has been opened for 30 years. and now, from the wwe legend's program, the county jail, jimmy super fly snuka is behind bars, justin. and forecast is a september sizzle will, i'll let you know how long heat and humidity stick around coming up next. and this little angel was thrown out of a car and now she's looking for a second chance at the last chance, ranch, i'm syma chowdhry with
5:59 pm
her story coming up. are you young at heart? believe it or not it might be other way around, why doctors say your heart may be older then you. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. the evidence clearly indicates that james snuka repeatedly assaulted nancy argentina on may 10, 1983. >> wrestling superstar now a legend with the wwe, now charged with the murder more than three decades ago. prosecutors say a push by victim's family reopened the case. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. lets get to "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff in lehigh county with more. >> good evening, 30 years after the death of nancy argentina snuka was ordered to
6:00 pm
pay her family half million-dollar in damages. it is unclear if he ever paid that but otherwise, despite being only suspect in her 1983 murder, charges were never filed and the case went cold. until right now. camden resident once known as super fly is now 72, and failing health. today, james snuka turned himself into lehigh county authorities. >> charges of third degree murder and involuntary manslaughter have been filed today against former professional wrestler james snuka in connection with the 1983 death of his, 23 year-old girlfriend, nancy argentina of brooklyn, new york. >> reporter: prosecutors believe that in may of 1983, following an event near allentown, an argument led to snuka assaulting her in the motel room and then withholding medical care, causing her death. according to a grand jury, new witnesses and new testimony about a domestic assault incident in the months prior, led to the recommendation of


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